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Looking For Increased Traffic & More Revenues For Your Business!

A high energy, entertaining karaoke team and system can increase foot traffic and insure your customers stay in high margin bar areas. Let BIGGAR'S Roadshow help your bar or restaurant's bottom line by bringing in our experienced karaoke entertainment professionals.

We bring a KJ who will really get the energy pumpin', which will keep your customers coming back for even more fun. It's the quality and entertainment capabilities of the KJ that make thistype of entertainment work - and we have the best in the area!

We pack a song list that will absolutely blow your customers away ensuring that everybody's musical interests are met.

Our state-of-the-art karaoke sound system will pump up the volume in any bar or restaurant. We also play music between singers to insure your bar is always hoppin'!

Multiple bookings would be defined as 2 per wk, 3-4 mo. at the same lounge, campground,etc.
Price is negotiable--usually about / per night and must be contracted in advance as multiple dates--any combo of DJ music and/or karaoke.>

Let us show you what we can do for your cash flow - BIGGAR'S Roadshow style!

Book Now! 458-2765 or 246-5341